Matteo Marzotto presents Minerva Hub, new industrial hub for luxury finishes and materials


Minerva Hub, a new Italian industrial reality specialized in finishes and materials for luxury products, was born today from the union of a group of Italian fashion and luxury companies, XXP Seven and Ambria holding. It was presented this morning in Milan by the presidents of the two companies, Gianfranco Piras and Matteo Marzotto.

This is the first Italian group that expresses production excellence at the service of creativity, embracing an unprecedented range of skills. A new presence in the industrial system not only tricolor, which combines the know-how of the best companies in the sector in different sectors, with a strong commitment to production, economic, social and environmental responsibility. The new industrial pole has the declared objective of coordinating, integrating and enhancing the activities of its subsidiaries, in order to provide excellent products and services to its customers, thanks to a strong technological capacity integrated with an important production potential and flexibility, with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, from an economic, environmental and territorial point of view.

At the time of its establishment, the group had more than 101 million euros in revenues and included six companies aggregated from the main manufacturing districts of the country, including Galvanica Formelli, Koverlux, Quake, Sp plast, Creating, Zeta catene and Zuma pelli pregiate. The companies of the group operate mainly in the fashion-luxury market, but they also have a significant presence and capacity in the higher segments of design, sportswear, cosmetics, jewelry and automotive.