BioProject: the sustainable innovation that sets the trend

New appointment with the column of Leather & Luxury, a journey in search of materials, techniques and innovative processes, undertaken with the designer Bettina Grampa.

Today the focus will be on sustainability in fashion.

A new line of products that aims at zero impact. It's called BioProject, and it's the latest challenge of Blueitaly Group (Pescara), a company that since 2013 has carried out intense research and innovation in the field of special processing on fabrics, leathers and plastics. At the basis of the company's work there is the logic of combining its technical and production experience with the philosophy of "green economy", to focus on the reuse of resources, in a system that focuses on the environment.


  • The leap in sustainability came with BioProject, an Industrial Waste line composed of all certified organic materials on the market. BioProject combines the best of international organic research, through the use of Gots-certified processed products (the most important international standard for the sustainable production of clothing and textiles), and the recovery of "technological waste", reused in an innovative way. A collection that is the result of great research, capable of synthesizing excellent certified proposals in the design. 


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