ROSSELLA JARDINI: elegance above all

Leather&Luxury interviewed Rossella Jardini, the iconic designer formerly with Bottega Veneta, then as the artistic director of the Moschino brand for thirty years until 2013. She then went on to collaborate on various prestigious projects, most recently in 2021 with the “Cuoio di Toscana” association, together with designers Nick Cerioni and Marvely, for the launch of the special JCM capsule collection.


Ms. Jardini, how did this collaboration come about?

«I have always been involved working in fashion accessories, I have a lengthy experience with bags and shoes, first with Bottega Veneta and then with Moschino. Cuoio di Toscana commissioned me to design two bags: one with a big red heart on a black background and white hearts at the corners, a sandal with gem motifs that we find on the gem bag, and a loafer. The very interesting theme was to use vegetable-tanned leather that was tanned with tannin as a raw material to promote a truly eco-sustainable product. Cuoio di Toscana expressed their satisfaction, so I hope to continue to collaborate with them». 


What differences are there between creating a collection in the pre-internet era and now?

«Mr Moschino forbade us to consult fashion magazines so that our creative ideas would not be influenced. First, we chose the colours, then the fabrics according to the season, we created a mood board to give the staff directions. Then we would match the fabrics to the designs and start rehearsing for the shows. Now, with the advent of social media, it's hard to find something on the market that expresses personality, that stands out from the rest. Young people are bombarded by capsule and continuous collections, the production rhythms are infernal, so it is difficult to find a way to differentiate oneself». 


Do you have a message for the young designers of tomorrow?

«As Mr Moschino used to say: you have to work, work, work. Young people today all dress the same. In my day, people were much more daring without ever being vulgar. Elegance is the value that must come before all others».