A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS: from 22 to 24 February 2022 responsible innovation is still the protagonist at LINEAPELLE 99

A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS is the space, imagined and built by LINEAPELLE in collaboration with C.L.A.S.S. Ecohub and Orietta Pelizzari, where to host and present an evolved, contemporary and futuristic idea of sustainability.

A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS by LINEAPELLE is a new-generation exhibition tool, engaging and of immediate use that, thanks to the work of a team of experts, allows all stakeholders in the fashion and luxury industry to discover and learn about the real green journey of leather, textile materials and technologies from the point of view of responsible innovation.

A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS by LINEAPELLE presents itself in a new version, richer and more articulated, designed to satisfy the interest of visitors who are increasingly involved in the search for innovative, responsible and highly creative technologies, materials and products. Creativity that points in a consolidated way towards a new concept of customization that at LINEAPELLE 99, in parallel with A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS (inside Hall 11), will be in the spotlight of the MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY project, curated by D-House by Dyloan.


Fulvia Bacchi | LINEAPELLE
"LINEAPELLE's consolidated green mission finds its most research-oriented expression in the A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS project, which focuses on the future of the supply chain and the development of a language that goes beyond what has now become the custom of trivializing sustainability. At LINEAPELLE, with A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS, we are going beyond and building a new horizon: concrete, innovative and responsible".

Giusy Bettoni | C.L.A.S.S. Ecohub
"At a time of sensationalist communication, which opens the door to greenwashing, A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS by LINEAPELLE allows everyone to easily understand the values linked to leathers, materials and technologies with proven authenticity. Because responsible innovation does not and cannot have an end and its value is the basis of a contemporary business".

Orietta Pelizzari | Studio Mattori Milan
"The future is A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS. A contemporary future that highlights that doing research means discovering innovations, manipulations and technological applications, manual and responsible. The international consumer demands responsible innovative ideas. Designers are looking for facts. A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS is the answer to those who do research consciously and, above all, want to understand".

Loreto Di Rienzo | D-House by Dyloan
"A NEW POINT OF MATERIALS is the exclusive space to show the unique activity of integration between supply chain project, technological manufacturing, know-how and responsible innovation carried out by D-House in synergy with its international technological partners."