Light&Life: the green chapter of Leather&Luxury

Leather&Luxury x Treedom: the Light&Life project comes to life. 

It sounds like the claim of another co-branding operation for the launch of yet another fashion collection. In reality, it is a new initiative by L&L to act concretely towards environmental sustainability.

Treedom is the first site that allows you to plant trees from a distance and follow their history online through photos and video updates. Since 2010, thanks to Treedom more than a million trees have been planted in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy: each plant is cared for by local farmers and geolocated on where you can follow its development. 


Light&Life is therefore the name of a forest of two hundred new trees donated by Leather&Luxury. The aim is to start offsetting the CO2 produced during the creation of the magazine and to concretely join the fashion players intent on promoting green policies at a global level. Each tree is dedicated to a Leather&Luxury client company, a way to thank those who have supported the magazine in these first ten years of activity and, at the same time, to start giving some oxygen to our Earth. 

Leather&Luxury x Treedom = Light&Life: a green chapter is added to the story of Made in Italy.

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