LL re-search: Zena Holloway's fight against global warming starts at the grassroots level

New appointment with the column of Leather & Luxury, a journey in search of materials, techniques and innovative processes, undertaken with the designer Bettina Grampa.

Today the focus will be on: bio-design and sustainable clothing.

You could say "Put some seeds in your clothes", paraphrasing a famous pacifist slogan of the 70s. And that's exactly what Zena Holloway has done, a British photographer "converted" to bio-design who is using grass roots to give life to sculptures and sustainable clothing. Everything comes from the sea. Zena's passion for the underwater world and the desire to curb the impact of global warming and pollution on marine life and coral reefs have pushed her to look for an alternative way.

Thus, the "Rootfull" project was born. The process begins by placing grass seeds in molds made from beeswax. Over the next two weeks, the watered seeds give rise to roots up to 20 cm long that can be molded into different shapes. Once dried, they become a very light material but solid enough to support its own weight. The result is clothing of ethereal beauty as well as 100% natural, biodegradable, carbon-negative. A process that embraces botany, art, chemistry and fashion to put a brake on the problem of carbon emissions and allow our planet to breathe again.


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