Fashion 4.0: Auroboros and the digital transformation of Fashion

E-Fashion and digital fashion
Virtual collections and looks to share in the digital dimension

Fashion houses have started using 3D technology, augmented reality, and social media campaigns to create and promote entirely digital collections. Could apparel truly become, in part, digital? Auroboros, the design duo of Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova, creators of the first fashion house to fuse science and technology with physical couture and all-digital ready-to-wear, is making waves.

Debuting at London Fashion Week 2021, Auroboros presented Biomimicry, a digital-only collection worn by real models that introduces the world to fully sustainable digital ready-to-wear with a sci-fi aesthetic.

Coining the term Nature-Tech, on the one hand Auroboros draws inspiration from nature, both in aesthetics and materials, with garments that transform and evolve over time, and on the other, adheres to an extremely avant-garde design, allowing customers to try on garments in augmented reality using Snapchat technology. The garments in the Biomimicry collection have already been tried by over three million users.