From Vitelli comes "leather knitwear" with minimal environmental impact

Sustainability is punk (and no longer a mirage)

"We are the multi-ethnic punks of Italian couture".
This is how the Vitelli team, a collective of creative artisans led by Mauro Simionato, defines itself, creating experimental knitwear with recycled materials. If the genius and unruliness of punk can be found in the aesthetics of Vitelli's unconventional creations (and in its DNA), absolute discipline there is instead in the attention to sustainability.

The Milanese brand born in 2016, after only three years has reached the status of green brand almost complete, thanks to the special Doomboh fabric made with 100% upcycling process. A hybrid created from recovered yarns and textile selvedge scraps processed with minimal environmental impact techniques. This was followed by experimentation with waste yarns and natural algae.

Now the new frontier is "leather knitwear". Vitelli's research has led to a unique fabric that mixes mohair and cotton with regenerated leather yarn that is hand-spotted and handcrafted. After all, Vitelli's motto is "saving the region one knit a time". A manifesto of independence animated by the search for sustainability, as close to 100% as possible.