The brand Taile and its production of bags Made In Italy

A special highlight of the TAILE brand is their “MADE IN ITALY” handbag line, offering seasonal limited collection specifically designed to complement the ready-to-wear clothing collection each season. Three silver handbag designs in the bucket shape, the messenger style and the cross-strap style are introduced in this collection to create a perfect handbag combination for every woman, which is suitable and appropriate for work, outing, traveling and is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Each handbag has 3 different versions of plaid straps that makes mix and match with the perfect clothing easier than ever. Not only young, modern and smart looking, TAILE handbags are made from sheepskin and proven to be of top-notch quality, being designed and manufactured 100% in Florence, Italy.  This is biggest difference that distinguishes TAILE MADE IN ITALY handbag line from other local ones. Inside each bag is a membership card with full information on the origin of the product and a stamp from the Ministry of Public Security as proof of authenticity to protect the brand and the customers from any fraudulent practice or fake products.

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