Valentina Asia Italy: "naturally luxurious" accessories

Valentina Asia Italy is a brand founded in 2020 in Lecce, Puglia, with the desire to create "naturally luxurious" accessories.
Valentina Asia Italy accessories are 100% Made in Italy.
One of the Mission of the brand is to produce especially in Puglia, thanks to the support and the discovery of high-level craft and business realities on the territory.

Mining Collection
Organic materials and shapes are at the base of the philosophy of Mineraria, the first exclusive line signed Valentina Asia Italy launched in September 2020 that sees stone applications, specifically quartzites, as protagonists. Composing "Mineraria": a Limited Edition of sculpture-bags, the "Pepite" earrings, and, finally, a line in genuine calfskin leather, coming from surplus of Italian tanneries.

Sculpture Bags - September 2020
A limited edition of sculpture bags made entirely by hand in ash wood, colored with water colors with low environmental impact and made jewel thanks to the carving and application of raw stones of pink quartzite and limestone cut to shape. The sculpture bags are created as fluid products, to be worn or displayed.

The process of realization of each sculpture bag is long and complex, translating into about 30 working days, due to the various steps that make them up: from the selection of the wooden plate the hand carving, up to the 5 phases of coloring and treatment of the wood, and finally the application of brass hardware and shaped carved stones. The inspiration also comes from the intimate art of the artist Marisa Merz, one of the most important female exponents of the Italian arte povera, not by chance, our top model bears the name of Marisa.

Pepite Earrings - November 2020
The maxi earrings "Pepite" are handmade and always unique, thanks to the use of natural pattern materials. On the outside, a very thin wooden shell - in cherry or walnut version - embraces and protects pink quartzite stones, set inside. The organic shape of natural inspiration, the unusual materials and the macro dimensions make this accessory a true design object, without forgetting portability and comfort. The nuggets are packaged in a box created with Apulian olive wood at km 0, made in a particular bow shape.

Leather bag - July 2021
In July 2021 the collection is enriched with Driade and Warhola, the first two models of bags made of genuine calfskin.

Driade bears the name of the Δρυάς (Dryads), beautiful nymphs who were the protectors of oak trees in Greek mythology, and pays homage to their strength and vegetative luxuriance. The bag becomes a jewel, thanks to the application of a "Pepita" handcrafted in mahogany wood and rose quartzite. The Pepita, positioned on the heart of the bag is set in a frame of woven leather and represents the natural swirls on the trunk of the trees, created by the movement of the bark.

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