Falcar, the new copper-beryllium substitute alloy for eyewear and fashion accessories

After 4 years of research and development, thanks to the collaboration between Vilux by TR, specialized in the realization of metal accessories in lost wax investment casting and Metal Sil - Car S.n.c, a non-ferrous metals refinery, Falcar was born, the innovative bronze and silver alloy, an alternative to copper-beryllium, an alloy considered carcinogenic.

The new alloy, silver-grey in color, is completely non-toxic for man and the environment and has chemical-physical properties and characteristics far superior to the copper-beryllium alloy.

Among the merits of this innovative alloy, there is a good stainlessness to atmospheric agents, an excellent castability, without the release of fumes, and an excellent weldability: the mechanical characteristics remain unchanged even after preheating.

Falcar has a lower specific weight, about 15% less than CuBe2, with the result that components for eyewear and accessories are lighter and costs are equivalent.

Finally, FalcarGrado1 does not require heat treatment, which translates into significant cost savings, because in its natural state it has a HV5 hardness of about 300 and great toughness.

Two types of alloys are currently available:

  • FALCAR Grade1 HV5 300
  • FALCAR Grade2 HV5 210

These alloys have antibacterial properties due to the presence of silver.