Tacchificio Nuova Due A: Tpu in green version

Not just heels, but also the preparation of Tpu soles for footwear manufacturers.

Tpu - specifies company owner Alessandro Chellin - is extremely versatile, resistant to abrasion and lends itself well to coating".

Tacchificio Nuova Due A is also investing in green technology. Last year, the company purchased a machine that can be used for water-based bonding and for the creation of leather or sole laminations.

The benefits of this choice are numerous and one of them is in waste disposal.

"Before, we used to throw away about four hundred cans of glue a year, but now we have reduced the amount of waste by half thanks to the use of water-based products.
I think it's an important result: we're giving the customer a more environmentally friendly product, created with less glue and chemicals. There aren't many companies in the area that are able to do what we do," explains Alessandro Chellin, owner of the company, "and with the guarantee of Made in Italy products.»