The innovative eco-friendly solution for heel molding: FheelGreen™

Born from the work of the R&D department of Tacchificio Villa Cortese, FheelGreen™ is an eco-sustainable material for the molding of heels and accessories, alternative to traditional ABS, which combines innovative ecological features with better mechanical and aesthetic performance.

A tangible result of a company approach that has always been oriented towards a model of sustainable growth, FheelGreen™ requires fewer resources during production and transport: - 66% of electricity consumption, - 80% of thermal energy consumption and - 99% of waste water production. This results in lower emissions (GWP). It is also optimized for recycling, without performance compromises.

The innovative material has undergone extensive testing in static and dynamic loading scenarios and in tensile, bending and insert extraction conditions. FheelGreen™ showed comparable or significantly improved properties compared to traditional ABS in major standard exercises. In addition to the standard fatigue, impact and pullout tests, static in-service simulations were conducted using FEM (Finite Element Modelling) simulation technology: also in this case FheelGreen™ was found to be improved in the main criticality outputs.

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