SmartRicamo. When embroidery meets augmented reality

The step between fashion and technology is shortening. An example of this is SmartRicamo®, an innovative service that uses augmented reality technology to animate embroidery. Patented by ProgettiForme®, a textile company from Varese specializing in embroidery, SmartRicamo® was presented at the Fuorisalone in Milan.

How does it work? Just download the free App SmartRicamo ®, frame the embroidery (specially packaged to be read by the App) and voila, the subject embroidered on the article comes alive in real time. The App can be branded with the name of the customer and the animations are designed ad hoc.

The visionary idea comes from Antonio Forte, Project Designer of ProgettiFORme®, "I wanted to create a tool that would offer designers the opportunity to overcome the physical, material and static barrier in transmitting the story behind the design and invent a graphic movement that materializes in the surrounding space.

A communicative tool with infinite potential: with SmartRicamo® it is possible to find solutions of great impact to customize an article, make a garment unique, think of a distinctive element for a bag, create interactive tags for a richer and more engaging multisensory shopping experience. And again, the App can be used to create promotional events and real communication campaigns. 

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