While awaiting a return to physical events, which seems finally in the offing for the second semester of 2021, Première Vision Paris will be holding a digital show for its February edition, presaging continued health constraints on a global scale.

Throughout the last few months, Première Vision has been engaged in supporting the international fashion industry as it faces the difficult challenges posed by the Covid-19 health crisis, introducing new and innovative e-commerce features to its Marketplace, and speeding the development of its digital system.

 Since September, Première Vision has helped to maintain the industry's business activity and motivate its community by successfully organizing 2 digital events and 2 shows, thus allowing creative fashion brands and manufacturers to continue to work and support their businesses:

the Première Vision Made in France show at the Carreau du Temple on September 1st and 2nd: 98 exhibitors, a record attendance of 3,528 visitors.

- the Première Vision Paris Digital Show on September 15 and 16: 1,675 e-shops, more than 43,000 products, 19,500 unique visitors from nearly 120 countries, over 4,000 participants in the digital talks.

- Première Vision Shenzhen from November 25 to 27: this new event held in China is a side-by-side show located in the heart of Fashion Source - one of the leading textile and fashion trade shows in Asia, held twice a year in Shenzhen.

the Digital Denim Week, an online event standing in for the Denim Première Vision show, from November 30 to December 4.


Gilles Lasbordes, Managing Director of Première Vision:"While a recovery seems to be taking shape on the horizon, aided by the arrival of vaccines, the post-health crisis period is gradually coming into view, along with some difficult economic consequences. Nonetheless, the current period has accelerated and given rise to new business opportunities for the fashion market.

The industry's digital transformation is now entering a new phase thanks to a widespread embrace of digital technologies and the implementation of new services. 

At the same time, buying patterns have changed. Sustainability, transparency and traceability are increasingly central to consumer expectations, just are local manufacturing and "Made in". 

We remain convinced that this crisis has confirmed the extreme vitality of physical trade shows, which are essential to ensure creative and business interactions between fashion brands and their suppliers.

We confirm our goal of holding our trade fairs and events planned for 2021, on a course that will henceforth combine physical and/or digital events. The pace of health developments will set the pace for this resumption. Our digital events are much richer now, and they will continue to improve and grow increasingly sophisticated."

The Digital Show, from February 15 to 19, will be focused on 4 drivers: 

The international, creative and complementary offer presented on the Première Vision Marketplace - yarns, fibers, fabrics, accessories and components, designs, leathers and garments - with a more effective interactive digital catalog to facilitate products' presentation, and buyers' sourcing:

ð     For exhibitors: quick and easy uploading of their collections of materials to their e-shops, including an unlimited number of products, and the ability to create private catalogs for their privileged customers.

ð     For buyers: the ability to easily select, pin, sample and order products.


-  Inspiration and creation:

ð     Exclusive fashion decodings and comprehensive online fashion information to inspire, guide and assist in the design of the Spring Summer 22 collections;

ð     A unique color range, to order or download online;

ð     Virtual forums to showcase the exhibitors' new products;

ð     Inspiring fashion webinars from Première Vision's fashion team.


-  Networking via the Première Vision Marketplace, to help fashion brands and suppliers strengthen their interactions and develop their business thanks to optimized and additional functions and features:

ð     More efficient customer/supplier link-up tools to improve direct contact and remote business interactions: launch of videoconference appointments to personalize meetings and facilitate presentations of materials collections.

ð     More immersive multimedia company profiles to energize the presentation of our exhibitors' business activity,.

 - A program of Digital Talks and Webinars to explore the fashion industry's coming challenges through the eyes of industry pros and experts.



Whereas in September the show's digital event was split between the Première Vision website (fashion content, news, catalog, etc.) and the Marketplace (offer, product content), as of February it will be fully incorporated on one single platform:

In 2021, to improve greater clarity and efficiency, Première Vision will bring together its various French and international shows, as well as the Marketplace, on one single website, in an effort to:

- Simplify understanding of the global offer of its events,

- Streamline and improve visitor itineraries,

Optimize the value of the exhibitors' offer,

- Enable more effective communication,

- Develop new features and services to speed both the digitization and humanization of e-commerce.

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