Marcello Rossi: “The key to arising from the crisis? Customization, research, and digitization

For our series “An interview for restarting” we met with Marcello Rossi, owner and founder of Rossi Da Vinci: one of the most prestigious companies in the Luxury leather goods industry, known for items such as furnishing accessories, leather upholstery, watch boxes, and gift items. Having made creativity his company’s trademark since 1978, we wanted to ask Marcello Rossi what the main problems have been for him during  this complicated 2020, and what prospects and future investments the company foresees.

- How was your company impacted by Covid-19?

There was a definite drop in orders, but despite that, we always worked. The dynamics of the orders varied amid cancellations, suspensions, or new orders to be made quickly. We were always ready in every situation.

- How much has the customization of your company’s products determined maintaining and/or renewing its client base?

We have always customized our products, and this has actually contributed greatly to both maintaining and renewing our clients. When clients not only have the opportunity to purchase a product they see and desire, but also as they imagine it, their satisfaction is unparalleled for both parties.

- Has having had more time at your disposal due to the lockdown and interruption of a daily hustle and bustle benefited your artisanship and ability to create unique products?

Absolutely yes, I enjoy “creating” and I am always looking for new ideas. I have tried to continue my research and create new products making positive use of having more time at my disposal, trying to find a positive note to this unfortunately negative global situation, which I believe is also synonymous with not giving up, as well as being a universal message. An example of this is certain types of containers for every protective device such as masks, gloves, and even antibacterial gels, which will soon be on our Facebook page.

- Of all the segments you work with, which do you intend to invest more resources and time on (hotels, furnishings, leather goods, nautical)?

Answering “everything” may seem superficial, but when we are dealing with furnishings and leather accessories I would truly say everything, because over the years I have been able to deal with many different types of items, also thanks to the passion that drove me to start this company.

 - What are the company’s future prospects?

To continue creating new products, and making them known through the various social platforms. Besides having given us a greater awareness of how important our health and that of our loved ones is, a positive aspect of this “lockdown”, and I speak for all of us, is having learned to use and make the most of the digital world.