Italian leather garment manufacturers, italian textiles & embroidery

In this section you can discover some of the most innovative companies in the processing of textiles and embroidery. Traditional companies with an artisan heart but on the forefront of welcoming the trends of the moment regarding raw materials, colours, and technology. A complete look for industry insiders on all the value of trimmings, finishing techniques, quilting, precious hand embroidery and more, the application of jewellery and accessories, up to luxury packaging in fabric, ecological with style. The world of leather apparel, the other protagonist of this rich section, deserves a special mention. First of all, companies that produce leather and fine leather apparel, customized for high fashion brands, but also outerwear, shearling, trousers, skirts, and jackets. These are accompanied by those who also make fur apparel, reinventing a product that has been on the crest of the wave of Made in Italy for many years.