Kiln and synthetic enamelling for leather goods and jewellery

The art of enamelling

Bestowing colour to an object means making it precious and special. Those who find their strength in details know it well. High fashion designers also know it when they imagine something that will set them apart. Smaltart is definitely aware of this, having made the art of enamelling metal and precious accessories the company’s mission.

The large specialized staff carries out the processing by hand, satisfying production of great quantities with the utmost care and professionalism. 

The increasingly urgent need for skilled labour in the field is an issue that touches Smaltart closely. The owner not to mention expert enameller, Gabriele Puccini maintains that with the evolution of this work, such a service can only be qualified through the targeted training of young, motivated and capable people.

Therefore, Smaltart has built-up its resources directly in-company.

That is why, today, this company is one of the few artisan businesses that can meet the demands of prestigious clients, combining impeccable quality with meeting  deadlines imposed by the market.




Via de’ Cattani, 188/9
50145 Firenze (FI)
Tel +39.055.316971


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