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A box’s responsibility  

lose sleep over it. I'm not just any box. I have an important mission to accomplish. I am doing a new job: I have to bring a precious, unique object made by skilled hands, with selected and exclusive materials to people's homes: the highest level of design.  

The brand imprinted on me is globally renownThe way of choosing and buying has changed. I had to change too. A metamorphosis. 

In the meantime, my structure has changed... I have had to become strong enough to withstand travel and its hardships, transfers from distant warehouses to people’s homes. I have to be prepared to withstand shocks and pressure, sudden and unexpected movements.  

Yes, but that's not enough. I have to be beautiful. The product I carry musn’t make a bad impression. On the contrary, if possible, it has to be equally beautiful. Immediately recognizable, like a woman's glance

Encompassing emotions 

And the object that I accompany and protect must stay calm and safe, ready to amaze with beauty when, with anxious hands, someone opens me, like a radiant shell of light. 

I have a great responsibility. I have to transport unimaginable contents, the story of a company, of the women and men who have made Fashion history in this small, big country. They are a gift of beauty. I am just a box: and I lose sleep over it. 


Creativity in a box, sustainable according to nature  

Packaging is like a second skin. Fashion brands know this well, and this is why they have relied on Mannucci Packaging for years to send their products around the world. The R&D department designs new materials that respond to market changes.

Examples include water-resistant cardboard and e-commerce containers that mix technology and design. Throughout the entire distribution chain, high quality is guaranteed with testing carried out by the in-house analysis laboratory.

Last but not least are the company’s certifications that attest to compliance with international standards. 

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