Bottonificio La Perla

Tradition and innovation

Matching every item of clothing with the right accessory to exalt its characteristics: this is the mission of Bottonificio La Perla, a company capable of transforming raw materials into small masterpieces that become complete with the garments they are applied to.

Silver, gold, horn, mother of pearl, metal, and many other materials: for more than half a century, buttons and accessories that are manufactured here have combined the time-honoured tradition and experience of a leading company in this sector with cutting-edge technology, capable of responding to the most unique requests.  

Each year, Bottonificio La Perla presents two collections, but most of the company’s work is developed with the opportunity of creating articles that arise from simple ideas or from the clients’ own collection themes to match custom-made buttons to their garments. 

The company, which works for the most important national and international fashion brands, was founded in 1955 and is currently experiencing a positive trend in continuous development: however, notwithstanding a greater and more specialized production, it has maintained a lean structure, typical of a family-run business. A choice that today, more than ever, is a winning strategy, because with this type of organization, Bottonificio La Perla is able to cater to clients with special limited series projects or for major production without ever compromising quality. A historical company bound to tradition that has maintained its former machinery alongside latest generation technology and processing. Thanks to this, it can produce exclusive and sophisticated items with more room for customization, making the simple button or accessory a protagonist of the clients’ garments.


Bottonificio La Perla

Via Livornese 71/73
50053 Empoli (FI)
Tel +39.057180641


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