Sacchettificio Toscano

Production of packaging and bags for the luxury sector

From new eco-bags to small masterpieces in fabric: all the facets of Sacchetti cio Toscano

The Sacchetti cio Toscano company has been active in the production of bags for packaging leather goods and high-range footwear, accessories, silverware and glassware since 1977. An innovative point of reference for those who want to convey style and elegance through their packaging: from the famous brands to small high-level boutiques.

Innovation and quality: research has led to the creation of new neoprene shoppers – a material traditionally linked to the technology sector. However, the real revolution is an ecological solution with new netted eco-bags. Destined for the most eco-friendly fruit and vegetables producers that care for the planet’s well-being, these highly technological fabric bags represent a clear choice in the eld, where the consumer can see and touch them.

Eco-bags can be customized, to better represent the uniqueness and values of those who decide to adopt them. The entire Sacchetti cio Toscano production is formulated on the use of certi ed and sustainable materials and on the use of energy from renewable sources. The company is ISO 9001:2000, SA8000 and FSC certi ed.

Sacchettificio Toscano

Via della costituzione 1/3/5
50050 Cerreto Guidi (FI)
Tel +36.0571.586976


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