Seab srl

handmade bullion wire directly on leather

Keeping up with the times is a diktat to companies  that gravitate around the fashion sector.

Seab is a  point of reference for companies that want to make
their brand visually unforgettable given its ability to  continually innovate, experiment, and set trends: a  company so innovative that it was featured by the website, the largest fashion trend portal.

It would be reductive to talk about labels, embroidery,  ribbons, vangtags and heat-sealed embroideries:  Seab makes considerably more than labels  applied to products to make them indelible.

Seab  is a fl exible company that offers full-scale service,  invests in research and development, and is open  to the most innovative solutions.

Like that of having  transferred the hand-embroidery of handmade
bullion wire directly on leather goods.

A technique  that requires manual skill and great craftsmanship:
a technique that Seab had the courage to shift from  the world of military uniforms to the fashion industry.

An embroidery with an excellent visual impact  that is even more surprising for its ability to be recognized  by touch.

The hand-embroidery of handmade  bullion wire directly on leather goods is a bet  won by Seab: it was such a winning bet that it went  out of its way to involve the most infl uential opinion  makers in international fashion into talking about it.


Seab srl

Via Gora e Barbatole, 148b
51100 Pistoia (PT)
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