Linea Ellebi

Embroidery, appliqués, production of accessories and intermediate Processes

Creative collaboration with the client

Linea Ellebi was founded in 1991 thanks to Liana Barbieri, the heir to a long family tradition in artisan workmanship. Today, in addition to her husband Giancarlo Camarri and her daughter Elena, she employs more than twenty- ve workers and operates in the eld of decorations for leather goods, footwear and luxury clothing, meeting the favour of the famous fashion brands.

Linea Ellebi has established veritable creative collaborations with its clients, thanks to samples that stimulate their creativity and the company’s production capacity that knows how to adapt to small and large semi-industrial productions.

The company is specialized in hand embroidery and uses special multi-head machines for the application of sequins and trimmings, the application of studs and thermo-adhesive crystals, as well as sew-ons, crochet, macramé, threading and weaving, up to the creation of actual accessories nished in leather or fabric. Always open to experimenting with new materials, processed with a mix of traditional and innovative techniques, Linea Ellebi explores the in nite possibilities of an all-Italian artisan creativity, guaranteeing the highest quality, reliability and con dentiality.

Linea Ellebi

Via dei Cadolingi 4
50018 Scandicci (FI)
Tel +39.055.7311131


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