Les Bijoux

Metal... that are precoius

High-end fashion and metal accessories

Les Bijoux is an affirmed Florentine company that produces fashion and metal accessories for the leather goods, footwear and clothing sectors.

Les Bijoux emerges as an experienced company, enriched by a prestigious expertise, capable of carrying out every kind of high-end metal process. Within its headquarters located in Osmannoro, the industrial area of Florence, Les Bijoux is set-up to carry out the entire production process: from polishing to electroplating, up to the finished product.

These characteristics allow the company to develop samples and prototypes of every kind in real time, step-by-step with its clients, up to the stage of production.

Each project is monitored with professionalism and extreme attention to detail to meet client needs in terms of quality and in full respect of delivery deadlines.

Les Bijoux

Via Chiari 8
50127 Firenze (FI)
Tel +39.055.7097151
Web www.lesbijoux.it


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