G.A.P.P. s.a.s.

Hair fashion accessory production

The imperative is to enhance beauty

Crowns, pins, and headbands to make every woman feel like a queen. But also hair clips, combs, and hairpins, capable of enhancing any hairstyle. In metal, fabric - from velvet to silk - and leather, all rigorously Made in Tuscany. Since 1987, the G.A.P.P. company has been present in the fashion and hair accessory sectors and is now appreciated as far away as Asia.

The family-owned company originates from its founder Alessandro Landi’s passion, who began with three other partners. He has been the sole owner for around twenty years and currently runs the company with his daughter Caterina, who looks after the design and pattern-making side.

The G.A.P.P. company employs more than 30 people, both in-house and externally, and can meet the various market needs by working in lost-wax micro-casting, with control machines, and hand work.

“Artisanship is our added value - says Landi “The intention is to grow, while maintaining the highest quality.” The company can work with its own models as well as with client designs.

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