Design and production of bags and small leather goods

Teamwork to meet client expectations

With more than 30 years of experience in the Luxury leather goods sector, the Ennepi company gathers all the artisanal know-how of the Innocenti family, already active in the manufacturing sector since the 1960s, integrating it with an industrial production organisation. 

The company, now in its second generation, works for fashion brands and brings any leather goods project to life starting from a design, taking care of the development of the model and prototype up to the delivery of the finished product, checking every stage. 

Extreme versatility enables the company to successfully meet every challenge and client request. Innovation is an important value for Ennepi, which has invested in 4.0 Industry technologies, equipping itself with intelligent vertical warehouses, computerised cutting machines, and gluing robots, to offer an even more efficient service in terms of quality and greater sustainability.

Not just a company, but a big family where every employee works in harmony to produce products to the highest of standards.

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