Ipel srl

Leather with a low environmental impact

Founded in 2009, the Ipel Srl company represents  the direct continuation of the historic IPCA Spa, a  pioneer company in the production of regenerated  leather.

To this day, Ipel imposes itself on the international  market as a frontline company as one of the most  vigilant regarding environmental issues.

In fact, the Ipel production philosophy is based on  the recuperation and reuse of a fi rst second material,  which  would otherwise  be  directly  destined  to  landfi ll.

These  pre-consumer  tanning  scraps  are  reused  according  to the dynamics of post-industrial reuse,   ith an extremely positive impact on the environment.

Ipel  products  are  used  in  shoes,  leather  goods,  furnishings and  in  bookbinding. 

In  footwear,  they  are   used  as  internal reinforcements  r as visible insoles,  while  they  have a  broad  universal  application in  small  leather  goods   and  handbags  of  any  category requiring  reinforcement  between  the lining  and  the  outer leather.

They can therefore also be used as   reinforcement in   elts or watchstraps.

Ipel is a dynamic and cutting-edge company to invest  in,  even if only for the attention paid to environmental  issues that are  too often forgotten

Ipel srl

Via della Cartiera, 44
51010 San Allucio Uzzano (PT)
Tel +39.0572.452693
Web www.ipelsrl.it


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