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The unmistakable expertise of made in Italy

Leather&Luxury met with Marco Cini, the owner of Lanificio Arca (PO) and third-generation entrepreneur of a company founded post-World  War II: “My grandfather Cino Cini started the wool mill, offering a carded wool product intended for the garment industry. Subsequently, my father  Fabrizio took over the company”, recounts Mr. Cini.  

In the 1970s, following an initial phase of industrialization, Lanificio Arca appeared on foreign markets with success. With the arrival of the 1980s/1990s and the first great crisis of the national manufacturing industries, the company’s strategies changed.

Lanificio Arca decided to go back to artisan workmanship and to produce only the highest quality items for high fashion in Italy and abroad.

Since then, the company has worked and still works with all of the most prestigious brands of the Luxury  market: from A to Z!

The real added value of Lanificio Arca is its entirely artisanal Made in Italy textile production, which comes alive with old wooden shuttle looms and expert manual processing. The fibres used are the best of the industry range: silk, linen, cashmere, and cashmere blended with 24 k gold.

Mr. Cini continues: “Recently, another very important independent project has been added to Lanificio Arca, thanks to my brother Andrea Cini and Andrea Bardelli’s initiative: the Valbisenzio srl company, which manufactures articles under its own brand “19ANDREA’S47”.

The luxurious scarves of our brand are distributed in stores in ten countries with its own sales network. A project that, in line with our style, gives value to the product rather than  the image. An expression of our precious expertise that is neither exportable nor reproducible.”

Lanificio Arca srl

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