Manual processing and application of fashion accessories

High-tech hands

The Goretti company was founded in the 1970s, and with a staff of nearly one hundred employees has its roots in the footwear district of Serra de’ Conti in the Marche region.

The company's core-business brings together a vast consultancy service with a highly specialised artisanship in the fashion accessories sector.

This includes the application and production of ABS studs, the creation of welts, mignon, tubulars and net-cut bands, 3D printing, as well as stapled applications, thermo-adhesives (studs, rhinestones, crystal rock) and rivet (studs, rhinestones, and pearls) application. Also, the company produces accessories, and carries out laser and water-cutting, and special automated stitching.

The Goretti company is the perfect syntheis of manual skills boosted by the best technology in the sector at the service of Luxury fashion.

Goretti srl collabora con il progetto Cluxter.

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