Serigrafia Design Pelle

Screen printing on leather

Hands beyond technology

Serigrafia Design Pelle is a company based in Santa Maria a Monte (PI), founded in 1994 by Carmine Cafaro and Lucia Santorufo, who were joined in recent years by their children Maria Elena and Marco.

The company works alongside companies in the major Italian tanning districts, suppliers to the Luxury brand market.

Serigrafia Design Pelle is an artisan-run business where ingenuity and manual skill are still at the heart of the action, as the owners explain: «We are able to screen print all types of leather in any pattern (polka dots, animal prints, geometric patterns, etc.), but our speciality is leather with fur.

On this material, we can go where plotters technically cannot and, thanks to our manual loom work, we can transfer up to four colours onto the same piece of leather simultaneously».

A highly sought-after technique, with a high level of expertise. «We are developing a sample book of prints with original designs - say the owners - and we are already able to satisfy every client’s request by having ad hoc looms developed each time for each need. Made in Italy versatility and artisanship.

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