Calzaturificio Proverbio

Production of women's footwear for High Fashion

That special artisan touch  

Details are what make the difference. This is the Calzaturificio Proverbio philosophy, as producerof women's shoes for international fashion brands. Founded in 1972 by the Proverbio brothers, today the company is led by two brilliant young people, Samuele and Camilla who, with passion and willingness to get things done, have brought a renewed enthusiasm to the company 

Clients receive a complete serviceThe entire process is meticulously overseen by the in-house staff, from the design development to the finished shoe. 

The heart of production is still handcrafted. Even today, materials and accessories are selected and checked by hand, piece by piece. The leather is always cut, sewn, and worked by hand with the care and respect that the artisans reserve for precious things.  

Not everyone can be the guardian of true Made in Italy, to ensure that this brand does not lose its real value. Calzaturificio Proverbio succeeds in its intent, and it does so thanks to its production tradition, enhancing the artisan heritage and above all, focusing on people. 

Authenticity and transparency for a company where people are not numbers but are resources to be cultivated. Resources that are the true protagonists of Made in Italy. 

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