MF Group - Anema

Production of bags and small leather products

The 100% vegan eco-sustainable bag collection 

Over thirty years in the production of bags and small leather goods for Luxury brands. MF Group combines its leather artisanship with modern, sustainable, and innovative lines.

This is reflected in the new brand Anema, founded by Francesco Esposito and launched in 2021: a collection of sustainable bags, from the work ethic of the company’s staff to the materials used. Only natural fabrics, 100% vegan, recyclable, certified, and without the use of chemicals.

«For the upcoming Spring/Summer 2022 collection we are studying the use of new innovative materials - says Francesco - such as organic cactus leather, leathers and linings with bio-based polymers from corn and recycled plastic, as well as natural hemp, all innovative raw materials from renewable natural sources. We also carry out a great deal of research in terms of design, combining product functionality with innovative shapes that interpret the contemporary.

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