Pelletterie 2F

Production o men's / women's leather belts

In-company sustainability: product quality, but also quality of life

Founded by the Marenzi family, 2F Pelletterie has over 40 years’ experience in the production of leather belts for men and women. 90% of production is exported, aimed at private label and large-scale retail chains, and is carried out entirely within the company: from the design of the collection to sales, passing through a meticulous quality control.

Made in Italy quality and a certified supply chain with the guarantee of complete traceability are the characteristics that distinguish each product. The company selects the best hides from the Santa Croce sull'Arno and the Veneto leather districts, such as chrome-free tanned leather. 

2F Pelletterie is in the process of becoming certified as a 4.0 company, to make its production processes more interconnected and efficient, but every single piece still passes through the artisan’s hand. Innovation and artisanship, but also attention to sustainability, which is not only embodied in the ISO environmental 14001 certification, but in an ethical approach that embraces every aspect of life: business, social, and environmental.

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