MG di Madiai

Wooden cases and articles

The art of shaping wood 

For over 30 years, MG di Madiai has been making objects and decorations in wood to embellish high fashion products: jewellery boxes, watch cases, cigar boxes, suitcases, trunks, but also interior linings for safes, and decorative inlays for buckles and shoes.

Each product is custom made, from the search for the right type of wood to the finishing and varnishing, to achieve the desired effect. The advances include an innovative workmanship that combines wood and resin, for articles with a guaranteed visual impact.

The company uses mainly water-based varnishes with a low solvent content and selects formaldehyde-free wood.

The beating heart of MG is its artisanship: it is the artisan’s touch that bestows that unmistakable Made in Italy style to every piece. 

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