Tailored ironing for high fashion garments

When class is iron” clad 

Ironing is a gesture of affection: it means taking care of a garment, but also of the person who created it, the one who will wear it and who will admire it. Nuovastiro is well aware of this and has been working on highlighting the true soul of high fashion garments, ironing each item with a dedication typical of the sartorial tradition for over twenty years.  

Elena Zanobini, the energetic entrepreneur who created Nuovastiro, dedicates a personalized consultation to each client. Ironing is more than following the fold; it infuses personality into the article, exactly the one thought of by the designer. For this reason, each garment is the object of careful study from the perspective of its construction, with the aim of enhancing its structure and harmonizing its shape.  

The company specialises in the ironing of children's and women's garments, but it also takes care of small finishing touches such as applying hooks, snaps, and buttons. Moreover, it makes deliveries with its own vehicles. 

No technological secrets. It is the expert and graceful hand that guides the iron, which creates magic amid clouds of steam. A great deal of experience and a good dose of heart for a team that works in full harmony, capable of guaranteeing the client large quantities in a brief time. 

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