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LEM is poised to step into the future and its future is Green

For 40 years, the LEM brand has been a guarantee for fashion industry accessories. Today, the company has reached a level of leadership on the market, having become a point of reference for every major international brand.

In constant growth, LEM has decided to renew its fashion accessory sector and to market new surface treatment processes, which are increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly: PVD processes.

These processes are a guarantee of accessories with mechanical, physical, chemical and optical properties that electroplating can never match. PVD technology exploits the potential of vacuum chambers to deposit a series of materials on the articles that cannot be obtained through electroplating.

The package of processes offered to clients is vast and customizable.

The “Deep Black” process is a guarantee of uniformly black objects, both shiny and opaque, which is impossible to obtain with traditional electroplating.

This process eliminates electroplating downstream varnishing, whose purpose it is to further darken the object.

The final effect is a deep black without the patina effect that results from painting. The “Ever Gold” process eliminates one of the problems that has always plagued the fashion accessory: resurfacing the gold finish on some parts of the accessory that draws attention to the underlying electroplating.

The PVD process family is vast and LEM is committed to working with clients to achieve the desired result, both from a technical (resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and the release of nickel) and chromatic (pink, blue, white, brown, etc. coloured accessories) point of view. LEM is ready to enter the future, along with all those brands that want to follow it.



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