Firenze&Moda srl

Design, planning, and development of leather goods

Leather that comes from food waste 

For four generations, Firenze&Moda has supported start-ups and fashion brands in the design, planning, and development of Made in Italy bags and accessories. The staff oversees every design and production phase, from the development of the model to the creation of the finished product. 

Firenze&Moda facilitates every process thanks to an accurate consulting activity, both at technical level and in the research of materials and accessories. 

This company has dual personality: 

its artisan nature is revealed through the hands that work the leather with kindness and respect; the innovative temperament, on the other hand, is the fire that fuels the study of new trends and motivates the staff to update and try their hand with new materials.  

The company is in fact specialized in the research and processing of vegan and recycled raw materials. Apple leather is among its top products, as it is possible to carry out a digital printing service.

This innovative project is the result of the collaboration between the Firenze&Moda owner Massimiliano Girimonte and Umberto Bacenetti’s Mabel company, to offer clients the best of the Made in Italy tradition. 

Cactus leather and pineapple leather are also among the new eco-sustainable options. Another new feature is the use of accessories in magnesium, a mineral that, when combined with aluminium and zinc, has the advantage of offering a greater resistance and less deterioration over time. 

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