Pelletteria Lotti

Small leather goods for Luxury brands

An artisanal heart for excellence

Pelletteria Lotti is a time-honoured company in the province of Prato, active since 1977.

Founded by Giovannina Lotti and Mauro Nesi, both experienced artisanal leatherworkers, the company specializes in the production of small leather goods.

For about three years, the reins of the company have been entrusted to Valentina, the founder's daughter: "I grew up within the walls of the company, so the transition was natural. I modernised the company with the intetion of making it grow but our heart remains artisanal."

Pelletteria Lotti assembles wallet for certain Luxury brands: " Attention to detail, precision, quality - says Valentina - our way of working has never changed so we always been apprecaìiated on the market".

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