Pelletteria Manetti Silvana

Handmade genuine leather bags

Tuscan passion and undisputable quality 

Unique artisan pieces made by hand like those in the past, with the care and attention of artisans who linger on every detail. For 48 years, this philosophy has been the driving force of every gesture at the Pelletteria Manetti Silvana, a time honoured Florentine leather goods manufacturer.

Bags, briefcases, travel accessories, and small leather goods for women and men, where the sum of the small details make an object great. The company produces private label articles in genuine leather as well as leather combined with technical fabrics or canvas for the European, Japanese, and Canadian markets.

Proud of maintaining the characteristics of a classic artisan workshop, the Manetti family creates articles that express the most authentic Tuscan tradition, starting from the leather selection. The leathers all come from the best local tanneries, where the art of vegetable tanning is a centuries-old tradition: a certified ecological process that respects both the environment and general well-being.

No two leathers are alike: they bear wear and tear and change with it. Just like every articlewhich is the result of the artisan’s skill and dedication: from the cut to the finished product, everything is handcrafted in-house. Each bag is an expression of authenticity that goes beyond fashion: because true luxury transcends trends.  

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