Fashion Studios

Design, development and production of leather bags for private labels

Adding value to a leather goods project 

 The objective of Fashion Studios is not only to bring clients’ ideas to life, but to add value to their leather goods projects. And it does so by pouring all the creativity and artisan skills accumulated by its founder over decades of activity in Luxury leather goods.

Specialized in the design and production of leather bags for large retailers, the company is also involved in the production of precious items for fashion brands.  

An integrated consultancy aimed at providing simple and effective solutions in real time; a complete service that leaves no aspect behind: from the development and customisation of the model to the creation of the prototype, up to quality control and production

This work also includes a lively research activity to track down new style trends and experiment with innovative materials such as eco-sustainable and recycled ones. 

Fashion Studios is all these things and more. The client can count on an efficient and flexible organisation both in the design and production phases.

A consolidated partnership with trusted laboratories on the Florentine territory makes it possible to produce large numbers. This is how a product that is personalised in every aspect keeps the needle of the scales in perfect balance in respect to value, cost, and quality. 

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