Hand wrapped buttons, studs and rivets. Mechanical covering of buckles and buttons. Thermo-adhesive rhinestone applications and manual stone processing

Artisanship combined with an industrial vision

For over 20 years, the Viuzzodiporto company has partnered with brands in the footwear, leather goods and apparel sectors.

Companies wanting to finish their creations with highly accurate details can contact Viuzzodiporto, which is specialized in the production of almost exclusively manual processes.

In detail, some of the processes that the company can carry out are: the manual wrapping of studs, buttons, rivets and buckles; the design and application of thermo-adhesive rhinestones; the processing and setting of rhinestones and stones with mounts, even with hand stitching; the mechanical application of Swarovski Rose Pin rhinestones on leather and other materials.

«Our philosophy is to carry out the most qualified work possible - says the owner Alessio Harley – and this is why all the phases are completed in-house. We don't set any limits: the client shows us the article to be wrapped or created and, after appropriate technical tests, we try to complete the request».  

Viuzzodiporto combines the attention of artisan workmanship with continuous technological research, which helps to support the artisan’s hand in the creation of particular processes.



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