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Production and processing of accessories for the world of fashion

Whatever you can imagine, we make it happen

For 57 years, OBA has specialised in the production of accessories for the leather goods, footwear, apparel and costume jewellery sectors. The company, founded on Enzo Parenti’s idea, opened to innovation with his children Sonia and Stefano.

OBA can bring sophisticated and high-performance articles to life thanks to different types of processing, including laser cutting, cold moulding, zamak die-casting and rubber casting, as well as CNC cutting with machining centres.

One of the new processes is cold coining, an ancient processing technique that the company implements through the use of modern machinery to obtain defined details and particular shapes.

All the production phases - from the drawing to the development of the prototype, from the sample-making to the delivery of the finished product - take place in-house, with guaranteed confidentiality.

«We like to take on new challenges and try our hand at increasingly particular jobs - says Stefano Parenti. We have the skills to carry this out, thanks to our young staff that is very prepared on the new CAD/CAM and 3D technologies, along with those who have been working with us for 30 years and have a great artisan know-how and still make handmade models».


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