Max Minuterie Metalliche


The brass specialists 

With over 30 years of experience, MAX Minuterie Metalliche is specialized in the design and creation of metal accessories for companies operating in the leather goods sector and for fashion brands.

The company is capable of creating a wide range of small parts tailored to individual client requirements, not only in metals such as brass, zamak and aluminium, but also in wood and plastic.

The MAX company’s pride is its brass-work, having made a name for itself among the famous fashion brands. Since the beginning, the company’s partners Marco and Maurizio, have focused on innovation, equipping themselves with modern machinery and computerized CAD/CAM systems.

Technology, combined with the know-how of a competent team of artisans, enables the company to accomplish any idea, even the most complex. Each project is carried out in synergy with the client, after an accurate study and design phase.

The in-house production and constant quality control of the finished product are a guarantee of high quality, but also of prompt intervention in case of problems.

With a continuous propensity for anticipating market demands, MAX is already studying the technological development of new machinery, for an increasingly complete and timely service.


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