Production of High Fashion bags

Assessing the luxury leather bag and knapsack company

The production of luxury leather bags and knapsacks for men and women is the core business of Sortec, supplier to luxury brands since 1954. Claudio Santoro, its owner, talks about the company.

What is your market of reference?

«We are third party manufacturers. However, we also produce our own line, under our own brand name, combining innovation with a passion for artisanship».

Do you make an artisanal product?

«While we also make use of state-of-the-art machinery, most of our work is and remains artisanal with a staff of 150 people. When we began, there were 10 of us».

What's new?

«By the end of the year we will move into a larger space with the aim of becoming an increasingly important point of reference in luxury leather bag production».

What is your view on sustainability?

«The production chain is guaranteed by the correct certifications to promote the protection and safeguarding of the environment making the company an environmentally sustainable brand».

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