Accessories for footwear, leather goods and apparel

Quality and continuous customer service, from the design to production


Since Mario Pieralli founded the company over forty years ago in 1971, Italfibbia has designed and manufactured accessories for footwear, leather goods and clothing, as well as luxury costume jewellery in brass and zamak, enamelled and unenamelled, or with hypoallergenic finishes. Italfibbia guarantees continuous customer service, from 3D designs to production. The whole production cycle takes place in-house and in partner companies.

A family-run company, it is now led by Mario’s daughter, Cristina who, over the years has known how to endure as a point of reference in the sector, and who proudly continues to spread the Florentine tradition around the world.

Italfibbia’s great strength is having known how to choose and maintain the quality of the final product, while remaining a leader in the production and marketing of fashion accessories in Italy and internationally.

Tradition, technical skill, creativity and experimentation come together in this company, which manages to guarantee continued assistance to the client at every phase.

Thanks to the presence of the entire production chain within its organization, from the paper project to the creation of the product, the entire production cycle, is in fact carried out both in-house and through qualified partner companies

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