Masca Progetto Borsa srl

Leather goods for the Luxury market

In step with Luxury

Exclusively focusing on the B2B market, the Masca Progetto Borsa company interprets clients’ specific needs each time by creating ad hoc products in fine fabrics and/or leather, in full respect of the exclusive Made in Italy characteristics. Attention to the values of eco-sustainability and respect for the environment has become essential for every client, and for this reason the Masca company dedicates a large part of its activity to the search for materials and suppliers that enable it to create products entirely in line with these requirements. Each material used is certified and guaranteed in its production chain.

Every phase of the Masca company’s activity takes place in its own structure with highly qualified and specialised personnel. From the graphic project to the pattern, from the pattern to the prototype, from the prototype to production: this is the strength of the Masca company, whose agile and flexible structure enables it to deal with small and large quantities with equal interest and availability, directly monitored during the production and quality control phases.

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