3A srl

Production of High Fashion bags

Three generations of leather goods

For over 30 years, the 3A company has combined Made in Italy artisanship with innovation to produce high quality bags for fashion brands.

With a qualified staff of more than 90 specialized collaborators, the company carries out every phase of the production process within its own premises: from modelling to cutting up to quality control and production, with the guarantee of maximum confidentiality.

With a flexible structure and a well-organized production process, 3A can meet the established standards, production methods, and deadlines indicated by its clients.

The company’s pride is its “lean production” department: an assembly line production whose objective is to ensure the quality of a handmade product, but with industrial production times.

The company invests in cutting-edge machinery and software that enable it to carry out special productions, saving time and materials.

3A is also attentive to the updating of its staff and focuses on young people who are trained thanks to the expertise of its experienced collaborators.

Environmental protection is another issue that the company is very concerned about, and as a result, it is investing in the installation of photovoltaic and renewable energy systems.

This is the first in a long series of steps towards more sustainable management. Future goals include optimisation of raw materials, sustainability in production, sustainable waste disposal, and material recycling.

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