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The study and design of the characterization of apparel, footwear, leather goods, textiles and leathers for the home furnishing and automotive sectors

Giving a breath of life to designers’ projects

Progettiforme was founded in 2016 inheriting the Forte family’s 40 years’ experience in production and embroidery.

The company, run by their sons Antonio and Saverio Forte in collaboration with Sabrina Bianchi, has the objective of shaping designers’ projects. And it does so by dealing with the characterization of apparel, leather goods, footwear, and textile elements for the automotive and home furnishing sectors.

Through brainstorming between the designer and the company's staff, the techniques to bring a collection to life are studied, without neglecting the technical, productive and price sustainability aspects. «In the fashion system we are known for “going out of the way” - says the operational director Pasquale De Filippo. Our techniques include 3D embroidery, material processing, embossing, laser inlays, and applied materials with tactile properties. Augmented reality embroidery is among the latest innovations: by downloading the free app, our clients’ final consumer can see the image embroidered on the article in real time, as if it existed in the surrounding space, capturing the designer’s message or the fashion brand’s commercial communication».

The Design and Development office is the beating heart and brain of Progettiforme: each request is a new challenge with the objective of shaping an idea into an item that best represents it. Everything starts from the research of materials and the analysis of the fibre properties, up to the creation of the prototype.

Sample processing is then developed followed by production. «We never stop innovating - continues De Filippo. Stylistic research is part of the design staff’s training. Our in-house forces are constantly updated with new printing techniques, embroidery and advanced communication technologies».

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