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Bags that have stories to tell 

More than a brand, Constància represents a philosophy: to create unique narratives that describe the creativity of those who dreamt them up and the hands that worked the leather. Handbags and clutch bags tooled and embossed by hand, made of vegetable-tanned cowhide and full-grain leather, born from the inspiration of Fashion Designer Giusy Balzano and the fruit of Tuscan craftsmanship. 

The heart of the project is rooted in time-honoured artistic artisanship, but its vision is contemporary. In addition to its own brand collection, the company also works for fashion brands. 

Each Constància item is a jewel of high-quality leather goods that begins with a freehand drawing on paper. The artisans then handle engraving toolsmallet, and revolving knife for 12 hours, and through the time-honoured Carving and Tooling techniques of hand engraving on leatherthey reproduce the decorations on the leather. 

The results differ greatly from mass-produced articles. The colour and decorations of each item are chosen in relation to the personality of each woman. The handbag is no longer a simple accessory, but an expressive extension of the person: its intimate transformation into its real being, it becomes one with the body and soul. This is the true luxury of an object. “Wear your true essence: Constància! 

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