MBA F.lli Landi srl

Design and manufacturing of customized small metal findings for the leather goods sector

Avant guard artisan tradition

Specialized in the design and manufacturing of accessories for leather goods, MBA F.lli Landi, is a company where tradition and design meet in a contemporary project. The company has come a long way since 1963 when the Landi brothers decided to open an artisan workshop in the Florentine countryside, where MBA is still based.

Over fifty years of history bearing witness to the company’s growth and evolution, responding successfully to every challenge, thanks to its innovative approach.This dynamic and bold company has known how to build on its past while looking towards the future, investing in research and innovation, to improve its production sectors, offering clients a timely solution that combines quality and creative style.Almost every phase of production is manufactured in-house to ensure authenticity and professionalism, and MBA can count on the collaboration of highly qualified partners to offer its clients a complete service.

The company’s focus on its clients, innovative tension, quality and passion for excellence are the values MBA has laid its foundations on, and in which it still believes, making it a point of reference in the world of small metal findings.Over the past decade, thanks to the attentive production and innovative design of its accessories, the company has aroused the interest of the major fashion brands, and has collaborated with them to create unique articles that interpret their taste and style.

MBA is the right company to transform an object into a philosophy that every brand wants to communicate.

MBA F.lli Landi srl

Via di Meleto, 1 - int. 13/15/17 - Strada in Chianti (FI)
50022 Greve in Chianti (FI)
Tel +39 055.8547372


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